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By Hadrian Mâr Élijah Bar Israël

It is impossible to translate the words "Jesus Christ" into Galilean Aramaic, because the concepts they represent are European, rather than Semitic. ​ The name ישוע("Yeshue") means "Life saving" or "Rescues Life". This is the correct name of the Messiah. The concept of 'Christ' does not occur anywhere in the Aramaic version of the scriptures (i.e. the Peshitta).

When the Greeks first translated the scriptures into their language, they used a pre-existing concept of a chrestos, or "anointed man", as their word for "Messiah". But this concept simply does not exist in Aramaic.

The correct word for Messiah is משיחא so if you want to translate "Jesus Christ", the closest that we can come in Aramaic is: ישוע משיחא

God's greatest blessings be upon you and keep you and all of yours in all happiness, and good health, this day and always. Amen & Amen.

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