Transference Neurosis

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By Hadrian Mâr Élijah Bar Israël, Emeritus Metropolitan of the Nazarani Church.

For several days a bird has been pecking incessantly at my office window. Day and night, for many hours. The bird is very pretty, and birds have previously built nests on the awning there, so at first I thought the bird was building a nest for her young. But this morning I went outside to examine the progress of her nest, and found nothing. So I believed that the bird was probably just eating insects off the window panes. But once I observed the bird for several minutes I realised that she was not eating insects. She was merely pecking the clean glass. I cleaned the windows last month, so they are still somewhat clear, and seeing the bird pecking the glass I realised that the bird has "issues". Instead of doing something productive, like giving my cat exercise, she is actually just pecking at her own relfection in the glass.

My friend offered to "send the defective bird back to the manufacturer", but I declined his offer. The bird clearly has anger and needs to work out his issues. However I would bet that he is even less aware of his own anger than most humans are of theirs. Instead he's just practicing what the psychologists term, "Transference neurosis". That's when a person, or in this case a bird, transfers his emotional state onto others around him, in order to cope with revealing them, as a method of self-protection.

The aforementioned cat in the house, has started sleeping on the sofa in the office, in order to be pleasently awoken when the bird pecks at herself in the glass. She opens her eyes and looks at the bird, animates her expressions a bit and then goes back to sleep. I've since closed the curtains over the window in hopes that the bird will grow tired of her own neuroses and begin instead the process of revealing and owning her anger as her own.