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From the personal blog of H.E. Hadrian Mar Elijah Bar Israel, Emeritus Metropolitan of the Nazarani Church.

Today, most self-identified "Christians" in America seek to assuage their emotions with "praise and worship" (i.e. "singing"), and by doing so to empower their personal intentions to God, to own stuff and to have benefit in their lives. They go to hear the “teachings” which their pastors take from their many biblical redactions, and try to apply those lessons. It’s good therapy for suffering people who want to feel “right with God”. But good as this makes the individual feel, it is false worship, because it is emotional rather than theurgic. Singing to God, rather than becoming participants in the divine nature with God.

One should beware of those who worship solely by singing, because even the most hardened heart and worshiper of false gods may sing - but real Christianity teaches us to become one with God, participants in His Life, and will, and members of His literal body.

To become one with God, to experience what it means to be children of God, to give up one's personal will (even temporarily) and do the will of God, this is the lesson. If no change occurs within the human soul as the result of one's "church" experience, then the experience itself is nothing more than a Sunday morning breakfast club. This unfortunately is what most American churches are, and also what they aspire to be...

I ask that you pray for a true revival of the ancient theurgical faith, the one taught by Jesus and preached by His Apostles, as they traveled around the world building strong faith communities centered on the liturgical worship. Because it is this same work that will lead Christianity back to the forefront popular culture and civilization. But not without first learning from whence we came so that we can know how to shape the future around the real experiences of our collective past.

      A Response by Lowell Greer on 29 SEPTEMBER 2014

      I concur. Singing, especially of songs in popular styles lead to emotionality in worship, thereby counterfeiting the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Singing, prayer, icons/statues/stained glass, fancy clothes and hats, incense, are ALL a part of worship, but do not comprise worship as such. The work of the people which God accepted as proper is sacrifice. All other actions support that sacrifice. For a sacrifice to be valid, there were four (4) necessities: 1) a Spotless, immaculate victim, 2) Ritual Consecration of the victim, 3) Ritual slaying of the victim, 4) partaking of the flesh of that victim. Without all of these conditions, the sacrifice will be invalid. In the case of the New Testament one-time-for-all sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, He gave his body and blood for the sacred meal, under the appearance of bread and wine, and these foods are inextricably linked to His body and blood through the Mystery. We may partake of His body and blood in splendor or squalor, with or without song, incense, etc. The essentials, as on the road to Emmaus, are study of scripture (liturgy of the Word) and a consecrated meal of the Eucharist (liturgy of the Eucharist). Let us place the focus where it belongs. Shalem.