Philosophy Is Not Equal To the Old Testament

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From the personal blog of H.E. Hadrian Mar Elijah Bar Israel, Emeritus Metropolitan of the Nazarani Church.

Nazarani believe in the Old Testament, and not in Greek Philosophy. Furthermore we would never say that the two hold equal status for the followers of Yeshue trying to understand their faith. Christians on the other hand seem to have to problem making the leap into Paganism.

Philosophy is the idea that one thing must follow logically from those things which come before it. It is a technique of Philo (25 B.C. – c. 50 A.D.) and other pagan Greeks, and is designed to confer a certain sense of logic to spiritual things. At its heart Philosophy plays a fundamental role in Greek and by extension European culture, and because western Christianity comes from Eurocentric culture, there is a tendency to believe in a Philosophical interpretation of the teachings of Yeshue, rather than the actual words as they were spoken by Him and His apostles.

This fact cannot be more apparent than when Pope Benedict XVI said,

"the Old Testament and Greek philosophy, are like two paths that lead to Christ, to the Logos. This is why Greek philosophy cannot be opposed to Gospel truth, and Christians can draw from it confidently as from a good of their own.[1]

This is utterly opposed to the Semitic mindset, which relies on storytelling rather than logical persuasion. Just because people want to interpret the scripture according to their culture rather than the original culture from whence it came, does not make their interpretation valid.

In order to become truly followers of Yeshue, we must first understand the language and cultural context in which He worked. Only then can we begin to move forward interpreting the meaning of the scriptures, and successfully apply their lessons to our lives.


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