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Art is a primary tool in our struggle to make the world a better place. The things we make in this world are not mortal like we are. Even when our own thoughts and ideas have passed on, we have the ability to continue to influence people's thinking through the beautiful things we leave behind. Hadrian Israël makes a number of different arts in various modalities and mediums, both digital and tangible. Most of the items on this site are for sale in some format, and many of them can be reproduced for clients who want to have similar items - however all are unique art pieces. Please contact the artist for more information.

2017 - Christmas Card

This design shows a Japanese style Hō'ō 鳳凰 phœnix, raising from multiple streams of smoke. This design was made for the 2017 Christmas card.

Chocolate Trees

This was made as an oil on canvas print, 120 x 300 cm.

A Study in Trees

A postcard series of various trees printed on natural background.

悪魔面 Oni Masks

These four masks are hand sculpted clay masks, presented side-by-side in a hand made display box.

Hyperworld Japan

One of the many wood block prints which Hadrian Israel rescued from the trash-heap of the 1970's and brought back to life.

Traditional 天狗面 Tengu Mask

Red 天狗面 Tengu Masks

These three masks are displayed side by side in a hand made display box.

黄疸の天面 The Heavenly Side of Jaundice

This jaundiced Tengu mask is hand made natural turmeric resin, in a very old technique. Although the shape of the mask itself originally resulted from a printed error, it represented "exactly how I was feeling at the time", and so it was kept. This is a unique and beautiful piece which could be at home in any collection or gallery.

Terra Cotta Warriors

Aramaic Prayer Bowls

These bowls were hand painted with the Lord's Prayer in the original Aramaic spoken by Yeshue and His apostles by the Nazarani Metropolitan in 2014 at the archepiscopal qurbana which he celebrated on Holy Thursday 2016.


To learn more about this amazing tradition and to see examples of ancient Semitic incantation bowls, please visit the: Virtual Magic Bowl Archive at the University of Exeter. Nazarani Nazarani Prayer Bowls, like other [incantation bowls] are a feature of Semitic culture with a very long history. The bowls themselves are generally speaking regular sized bowls used in food service, but painted with prayers and sometimes even drawings of entities which those who made them believed would protect them. Assyrians, Drüze, Jews of all types, Mandæans, Nabateans, Samaritans and other Semitic civilizations have all used them at various times in their history.

Computer Pioneer's Bitcoin Notes

The Computer Pioneers Bitcoin Notes series was designed for the Emirati Holdings trust in response to their directive for the Issuance of Bitcoin Currency, 6 December 2012]. These notes feature Alan Turing on the 1 BTC note, Nikola Tesla on the 5 BTC note, and Grace M. Hopper on the 10 BTC note. BTC is a type of crypto-currency [1]

Lord’s prayer in Arabic


Unless otherwise noted copyright to everything here is © 2017 - All Rights Reserved by the Hadrian Israel Art Trust.


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