Giacomo Vescavo-Motta

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Giacomo Motta impersonating a Byzantine Catholic Bishop in 2014.

Giacomo Motta is an Italian Reiki practitioner and former employee of the now shuttered Banca Lombarda Di Depositi e Conti Correnti SpA in Milan, Italy.

Mr. Motta began claiming that he had been consecrated as a bishop by His Excellency, Hadrian Mar Elijah Bar Israel in January of 1998. This is patently false, but that didn't stop him from committing multiple acts of Simony and fraud by charging money to consecrate other "bishops" and "priests" for independent churches all over Europe. He even went so far as to present a number of forged documents with Mar Elijah's signature and seal on them in order to prove his claims.

Regardless of his supposed episcopal dignity, there is no evidence that he ever participated in any active religious ministry. In 2014 he refused a more than generous offer by Mar Elijah to regularize his priesthood if he would stop selling consecrations, and simply repent.

In 2015, after more than a year of almost daily harassment, Mar Élijah prepared a defamation complaint for the United States District Court - Western District of Washington. This action effectively ended the harassing emails from Mr. Motta. In addition to his other crimes, the fact finding for the lawsuit included the revelation by a private investigator that Mr. Motta had also been impersonating a female lawyer online.

Mr. Motta continues to falsely claim to have apostolic succession from the Nazarani Church, which he and his successors do not.