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These are the current projects by Hadrian Mar Elijah Bar Israel


The Sanctuary is a yet unnamed project to build a community house in the high sierras between Dolores Hidalgo and Santa Rosa de Lima, in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico; where people may come to heal, rest, and receive the professional care and attention needed in order to recover their health by providing guests with full time access to both science based medicine and holistic care at a world-class level not available elsewhere.

The Bible Translated

The Bible Translated (TBT), a project to translate the Torah, Aleppo Codex (Old Testament), and Khabouris Codex (New Testament) simultaneously into both English and Spanish from the original Hebrew and Aramaic. These are the scriptures in their original languages and represent the most complete form of the faith, including a theology which is substantially different from the "Christianity" which developed in the Hellenized world.

Charitable Trust Handbook

The Charitable Trust Handbook Project as a standard reference manual for charitable trust organizations to do business in the U.S.A. The project was taken over by the Cosmopolis Trust Company, and is now being converted into an interactive online reference to help charitable organizations and their organizers make a better world for the people they serve.

Kanpō Igaku 漢方医学 Traditional Japanese Medicine

Kanpō Igaku 漢方医学 Traditional Japanese Medicine is the standard form of medicine which is practiced in Japan, and represents a unique form of evidence based complimentary medicine which is practiced exclusively by allopaths. This book represents the first real attempt by a western medical scholar to define Kanpō for English speaking audiences, and challenges the way that we think about medical practice.

LCMining Trust

The LCMining Trust was founded in 2012, to mine Litecoin, which was the most lucrative cryptocurrency at that time to mine. The mining stopped in 2014, when the difficulty of mining made it no longer advantageous. The company was brought back to life in 2017 however, during Bitcoin's meteoric rise, and now operates as a boutique brokerage, offering safe investment strategies for investors.

A Theory of Mind

Officially, Theory of Mind and Biological Foundations of Consciousness. In an interview given after his retirement in 2017 he said, "As for me, it is my desire to take the time I have available in my retirement to bring a to the table, by which we can begin to better understand how mind, consciousness and physics work together to create the phenomenonologicalexperience of our day-to-day reality."

Undō Rinen 運動理念

His Excellency is the creator and primary proponent of Undō Rinen 運動理念 (Japanese 日本語: literally “exercise philosophy”), is a martial art which has the ability to allow even chronically and catastrophically sick persons a means to recover their health, mobility and sometimes even their complete wellness by taking advantage of the brain's inherent neuroplasticity.